Edmonds Cosmetic Dentist

Edmonds Cosmetic DentistCosmetic dentistry can be a very intimidating search. You know what teeth are needing care, but will they end up the way you want them to? Dr. Hwang and his Edmonds Cosmetic Dentistry clinic will first take a casting mold of your teeth, and then add the changes to the mold.
You get to see (and hold) the casted mold, with the changes, as well as talk to Dr. Hwang about the procedures needed to make these changes. Clients of Dr. Hwang have referred their family and friends to Edmonds Terrace Family Dentistry because of Dr. Hwang, and his great client communication skills.


If you are experiencing tooth pain, or looking for a skilled, qualified dentist, call Dr. Joe Hwang’s office today at (844) 912-1876

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